How It Works


Identify your hiring needs

To help us understand your hiring needs in IT, design, or marketing, we ask that you complete our hiring needs form (HNF). This will provide us with all the necessary information about the type of professional you’re looking for, the skills and experience you need, as well as any specific requirements you may have.


Post the job listing

With the information we have obtained from your company, we will post the job listing on the appropriate platforms as LinkedIn, Workana, Indeed. We will make sure to include all the necessary requirements and skills for the job and describe the role clearly and concisely.


Select the candidates

Once the job listing is posted, we review the resumes and cover letters of the candidates to determine who is best suited for the job. We ensure to establish clear selection criteria for candidates and focus on the IT, design, or marketing skills you need.


Conduct interviews

Once we have selected the candidates, we conduct detailed interviews to get to know the candidates better, their skills and experience, as well as their personality and how they will fit into your company. We make sure to ask relevant questions and follow the same process for all candidates.


Checks and references

Before making a final decision, it is important to perform background checks and references to ensure that the candidates are who they say they are and have performed similar work in the past. We make sure to obtain the candidate’s authorization before conducting these verifications and focus on the IT, design, or marketing skills you need.


Make the job offer

Finally, if we have selected the right candidate, it’s time to make a job offer. We ensure to discuss salary and benefits as well as any other important details before the candidate accepts the job. Once the candidate accepts, we formalize the hiring and begin working on the integration process.

For companys

Fill the Hiring Needs Form (HNF) and wait for your expert

For candidates

Add your profile and apply for job offers